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How do you get better at Pickleball...Practice Practice Practice.  That is correct, but if you truely want to get better, you should also spend time watching the top players in the country...and learn what they do.

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Paddles of choice for National Champions and Individuals Like You...

Tournament of Champions, Utah

Robert Elliott vs Tom Tueller (Men's Open Singles Final).  Winner - Robert Elliott

Tournament of Champions, Utah

Nelson/Lucore vs Ruiz/Lemaster (Mixed Open Finals).  Winner - Nelson/Lucore

The Villages 5.0 Pickleball Play

Robert Elliott/Kyle Yates vs Matt Staub/Phil Bagley

Tournament of Champions, Utah

Jones/LeMaster vs Lecore/Hamner (Womens Open Doubles Finals).  Winner - Lecore/Hamner (Jenn & Alex)

Nationals, Arizona

Robert Elliott/Kyle Yates vs Wes/Enrique (Men's 19+ Doubles Final).   Winner - Robert Elliott/Kyle Yates

2014 The Villages, FL Pro Pickleball Exhibition

Tim Nelson/Mike Gates vs Brian Staub/Phil Bagley

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